Jason Kundi Week 2

This week I completed the playlist for the show and logged the artist, song title and duration in table format as well as nailing down a precise music policy for our station. I started to work on a rough clock format with Holly and have also offered my help towards the advertising team to facilitate their quota. I will be working on scripting and producing either one or two adverts for Thursday.

I have also been discussing with Phoebe ideas for our live OB room and trying to work on a theme with her. We are working around the title “Juice Box” for our performance room. We are going to get together and work on a logo and possibly make some branded t shirts for the artist and our team to wear on the day (though this may not actually happen as t shirts are expensive).

A very good week i’d say, i’m really confident in myself and the rest of our team to do well in this project.

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