Jason Kundi Music Radio Week 1

Production Week One


During our first production meeting for our pop up station we decided on the name Refresh London. Refresh London will be a new music station focused on bringing the latest unsigned and breakthrough acts from the Urban music genre.

I opted for the role of Head of Music. I have mainly been working on producing a music policy and have borrowed certain aspects from Radio 1 xtras service remit however adapted it towards our new music approach. Our A, B and C playlist will only consist of songs less than a month old and core tracks no more than 3 or 4.

I also designed the logo for our station for the others to include on our social media profiles which I will post below. 

I’ve started to look into potential ideas for our extra 15 hours of programming. I will be looking at radar radio and the beat to garner what would be necessary for our genre of station. All in all its been a productive first week and I look forward to hammering out an extensive playlist next week as well as prepare our clock for the live shows.

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