Week 1 of production for the two hour music radio show was a heady mix of entertaining and productive.

Our group democratically decided on Jazz for the genre. We then discussed allocating roles; each of us choosing two that we wanted to do, then going from there.  I myself, am the new Head of Advertising and Assistant Producer for Jazz FM *salsa woman emoji*.

We then as a group, created the main programming document and decided on a music policy and target audience: “showcasing jazz classics and new jazz” for age 30+ business people – also making the decision to produce the show for existing station Jazz FM.

Stephen and Shammy were appointed the two programme presenters and began recording short talking segments to experiment with style and tone. Myself and the Studio Producer gave directions on this and set a presenter style guide.

Collectively we started planning a skeleton structure for the two hour show and coming up with loose script ideas and ideas for features and segments. There was also discussion on station sound, imaging and style.

At the next meeting, we came up with sixteen advertisement ideas, which I noted down. The Studio Producer and myself also discussed show clocks and began thinking about how we would construct them. We then discussed music playlists and organisation with the Head of Music – music will be divided into three playlists: ‘Anthems’, ‘A List’ and ‘B List’.

Throughout the course of the week, the Head of Music and I met and recorded the ‘Anthems’ playlist and I noted down track information – artists, release date, album, trivia etc. The last two playlists were recorded at the third meeting, with myself completing track information for these respectively.

The Studio Producer and myself also met at one point, where we started scripting advertisements and planning audio for them.

All in all, a productive and fun start to the project. Lets get jazzy.


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