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Production Week One

The first week of planning involved organising roles and distributing tasks as well constructing the basics of our station sound and aims.

‘Britpop’ does what it says on the tin; exploring and reminiscing over the genre and vibe of the 90s, however it is important that it doesn’t sound like a tribute station. As a presenter I have been considering how my role can make the show sound fresh, smooth, peppy and enthusiastic. Luckily I enjoy and am passionate about this genre and decade of music and I am confident in our ability to show this on air, as well making sure the show is well paced, content filled and ultimately entertaining and interesting.

One of the main things that we have focused on is that the two presenters, Riya and I, ensure that we increase our on air chemistry as much as possible, having never presented together and admittedly not knowing each other very well. Our first practice together consisted of a mock 90s quiz putting everyone in the studio back into the mindset of cultural events and popular people/artists etc as well as encouraging us both to find out more about each other and begin to discover each others conversational strengths and flow. This, along with the planned practices coming up, can and will only help make the show sound more natural and as if the listener is genuinely tuning into a pre existing show that has been on the station longer than the two hours we’re assessed on.

In the coming weeks, more sessions like this are planned as well as practice runs with the imaging and songs interlaced as they are created/confirmed.

Production Week 2

This week involved run throughs of the OB, making sure we knew the possibilities of talkback between the necessary studios and recording a practice run with a live artist. We created a mock up situation where we outlined the structure of the links and knew the way in which Riya and I would throw over to Stuart, our OB presenter. Here we identified the style of Stuart’s chat/interview with Leo, our stand in performer, including a simple and light hearted game involving the me, Riya, Stuart and Leo that, I think created a good feel of the links overall avoiding a disjointed approach involving one studio, a pass over to the other and then back again with no conversationalist nature. This in turn created a chance for all of us to inject more personality into the links making them in my opinion, a nicer thing to listen that shows a chemistry between presenters and performers.

Also this week, we spent a lot of time looking at our show clock and making sure we knew how each hour was going to be structured, the placement of our ads and how as presenters we would be best at presenting it. For example, I personally suggested that we make sure crunch and rolls are included instead of just back to back songs with idents as the genre and our presenting styles can really lend itself to this, making the show seem focussed on the music as well as personality driven. This also encourages a technically smoother sounding show by hitting vocals and using the songs timings and instrumentals to underline links, which is not only a common method of similar radio stations and shows but shows that we as presenters know the music we play, are passionate about it and can make it sound even better on air than if it was just played through automation or the likes.

Production on our ads came into full force this week with myself sitting in on the recording of a U2 album related advertisement making sure we got the energy and power from the voiceover artist as much as possible. Helping to source the music and songs included in the ad we ensured that the feeling of the songs underlining the ad were fitting and that they worked alongside the voiceover rather than simply being a song underneath.

Through meetings with members of the team, we discussed the features of the show, finalising the structure and placement of ‘Brit-pop Master’, a parody of Ken Bruce’s renowned BBC Radio 2 feature. The format and idea of which I am personally very happy with, as the referencing of radio pillars such as that show reinforce the idea of a landscape that this radio station and show is part of, able to mimic and parody features running alongside it. Having heard shows do similar things like this in the past, I have received a feeling of knowing between the presenters and listeners that I think brings out a stronger link and likability to the show overall as well as involving the listeners in a wider sense.

Discussions surrounding our other feature, a game in which the presenters ask ‘Who Tweeted This?’ involved talk around where this would be placed in the show, how we could receive listener response and also how this would appear on our social media.

Next week we finalise any loose ends, update each other on our separate production elements (ie. ad teams and music scheduling) and present our first full run through/pilot of the show, ensuring that we know how everything is going to work and sound on air.

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