Kareem Elshehawy

Production Week 1 

The team and I had our first production meeting today. It was great  to finally put a picture to my teammates voices and know them on a more personal level.
We discussed the script, and we all agreed that some changes/ clarifications must be discussed with the Script Writer. Our lovely Producer Youliu ( Jessie as she prefers to be called) sent an e mail to Dancing in Kabul’s Script Writer, Brid Arnstein asking if we can schedule a meeting with her.

Production Week 2

On the 18th Feb, we had a zoom meeting with our Script Writer. I took initiative into leading the meeting and breaking the ice between the team and Brid. I was quite nervous at first because Brid is a successful Writer. She has years of professional experience in the field we are only just knocking at its doors.

When Brid expressed her excitement about my idea of giving Anna ( the main character in the script) a Middle Eastern accent, I was relieved of all my worries. Our extended conversation made me realise dimensions about the mother’s character that I wasn’t able to see before. In fact, I wanted to make massive changes to the mother’s character, but my discussion with Brid mad it clear that her vision fo the mother’s character is better suited.


On the 19th Feb, we had a lecture with Jeremy. We learnt a lot about casting and directing Actors. I was especially impressed by every directors’ take on the characters of their scripts.

I learnt how to move actors (in relation to the microphone) to orient the listener. I also learnt that a sigh or a brief pause could also tell a story.



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