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Week 1: ( 9th Feb)

We were put in our groups this week, group c. One concern i had when we were placed in our group was that nobody really wanted to step up to have a role with lots of responsibility. I said i would be happy to be editor and oversee the project if everyone else was happy. A few members of the team said they would of liked me to present the show but i felt i was needed more as editor. A few other roles were suggested for the rest of the group but the only role that was definitely decided was my own.

We were set our listening tasks for the following week which were a BFBS talk show to be confirmed by David later and Nikki Campbell on 5Live. I aim to do lots of additional listening on top of those set each week as its not something that i normally listen to and will help me a lot towards all aspects of my work for this module.

Week 2: (16th Feb)

This week we had a speaker in Dave from the Today show, who gave us an overview of his role. What i found most interesting was when he spoke about the decisions he has to make while structuring the show and the thought process he goes through in order to make them. We recapped over some of the things we had learnt already and then reviewed the pieces of audio we had been told to listen to the previous week. Sitrep is a show i will definitely listen to again as i liked the general structure and is in a format similar to the one we have been asked to create for our assignment.

Week 3: (23rd Feb)

Overall i found this week challenging but i learnt a lot. After having a class discussion about the weekly listening, we were put into our groups and told to pick topics that we would cover in a 15 minute show. I have found being the editor that a number of members of the group are difficult to manage. In particular Matt and Adam both needed to me to sit by them the whole time they were working and if i didn’t they got distracted by others or their phones. In the end i was overall happy with the short show that we produced the other members of my team worked hard, Simon and Bernice especially worked hard staying till the very end making sure it was done and submitted.

weekly listening- The surgery on BBC Radio 1 and The sports bar on TALKSport

Week 4:(2nd March)

This week was heavily based on theory which made it very interesting. I enjoyed having in depth discussions with the group and learning about case studies. We focused heavily on the law and regulations that must be followed when producing our show but also when we produce any kind of show. The book that was referred to on many of the slides McNae’s essential law for journalists is something i will look into purchasing as i would be interested into learning more in depth about media law as well as it helping towards my future career.

Weekly listening- Iain Lee on TALKRadio  and PM on BBC radio 4

Week 5: (9th March)

This week we started off by discussing this weeks listening. We had a guest speaker from TALKSport come in and discuss his role and then go on to explain the upcoming OB he was doing for the station in Germany. It was very interesting to learn about how he makes decisions while producing and how he plans to carry out the upcoming OB.

We were then put in our groups to discuss story ideas for our shows. Molly and Eliza were both absent this week but the rest of the group brainstormed some ideas. I feel that all of the group apart from Matt focused on the task, came up with some good ideas and really bounced off each other when developing features. Bernice set up a google drive for us to place all of our documents on. By the end of the day we had 8 story ideas that we were happy with.

Weekly Listening: The Urbanist on Monocle 24 and Broadcasting House on BBC Radio 4

Week 6: (16th March)

This week Matthew was covering the days session. The morning was taken up by mainly theory, helping us plan our essay questions and then later on explaining what our options are for modules next year. Just before lunch we were placed into our groups and told to develop our ideas that we were to pitch to Matthew later on in the afternoon.

Matt, Molly and Eliza where absent for this session but the rest of the group worked hard developing our ideas. We focused mainly on how we were going to structure them and what kind of people we would want to get in to interview. We had time towards the end so came up with a couple more stories that we might run depending on the feedback we receive.

I asked Bernice to take notes on the feedback given by Matthew during our meeting with him while I explained our ideas. The overall feedback from Matthew was positive but he did give us a few improvements that we could make, we plan to implement these in order to improve our final show.

Weekly Listening: Hawksbee an Jacobs on TALKSport and Jane Garvey and Peter Allen on BBC Radio 5 LIVE

Week 7: (23rd March)

This week i found to be very productive and really enjoyed it. We started off by going over all the groups ideas and treatments we plan to carry out for our shows. The general feedback we received was overall positive which gave our team a confidence boost. Due to the terror attack being carried out yesterday we were given the task of making a fifteen minute show based around the coverage of recent events.

Bernice and Molly were both absent which made the rest of team work harder but i think overall we coped well. I first had a brainstorm of what i thought we should cover during the show and my team agreed with my rough outline. I then assigned each member with a part of the show i would like them to script and structure. This worked well and i went between everyone helping them with scripts and finalising ideas.

When it came to out time to broadcast there was a technical error with the tie-line that couldn’t be helped but once max sorted this issue the show went smoothly. We ran two minutes under the 15 Min set time which was unfortunate, however Matt put the clips in the wrong place and if these had played out then we would have met our time. Overall i was happy with the quality of the OB. However i feel that Adam still needs a lot of help getting to know the equipment better so he is totally confident on the day.

After the show was finished i got all of the team to sit down and discuss what packages and features they want to be responsible for during our finial assessed show. Bernice was reluctant to take responsibility for any of the stories so i suggested her doing the stress feature as that was the least complex of the packages. We have arranged to meet on Tuesday to discuss the progress everyone is making.


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