Lucy Lavery

Week 1: ( 9th Feb)

We were put in our groups this week, group c. One concern i had when we were placed in our group was that nobody really wanted to step up to have a role with lots of responsibility. I said i would be happy to be editor and oversee the project if everyone else was happy. A few members of the team said they would of liked me to present the show but i felt i was needed more as editor. A few other roles were suggested for the rest of the group but the only role that was definitely decided was my own.

We were set our listening tasks for the following week which were a BFBS talk show to be confirmed by David later and Nikki Campbell on 5Live. I aim to do lots of additional listening on top of those set each week as its not something that i normally listen to and will help me a lot towards all aspects of my work for this module.

Week 2: (16th Feb)

This week we had a speaker in Dave from the Today show, who gave us an overview of his role. What i found most interesting was when he spoke about the decisions he has to make while structuring the show and the thought process he goes through in order to make them. We recapped over some of the things we had learnt already and then reviewed the pieces of audio we had been told to listen to the previous week. Sitrep is a show i will definitely listen to again as i liked the general structure and is in a format similar to the one we have been asked to create for our assignment.


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