Week 1: (02/02/2018)

This week we spent the morning going though each script. The afternoon consisted of us selecting which role we wanted to do. There was a number of roles i would be interested in. I decided to go for the role of director as i have a good ear and like to input my creativity. I was put into group 4. (Fantastic four plus one)

Director – Lucy Lavery

Producer – Matt Toulson

Studio Manager – Bernice Collings

Script editor – Stephanie Kamale

Production Coordinator – Zineb Sekkat

We started organizing ourselves straight away exchanging numbers and setting up group chats as well as making a google drive.

I started messaging a couple of actors i was aware of that lived in London to start the casting process. I suggested that everyone must read through the script and think about adaptions before next week so we could start the production process.

Week 2: (09/02/2018)

The morning was spent listening over to audio to give us inspiration and ideas for our own pieces. Then we went over production guidelines, including pre-production and casting. Zineb was absent from the morning which was unfortunate as all the morning was full of very important information that is applied to her role in particular.

We contacted the writer peter to see if he was able to brainstorm script changes with us. We had a meeting where i inputted the idea of having a new character and mixing up the script slightly, as although the story-line is strong there are adaptions that should be made in order to make it more suitable for audio drama format.

We have planned to have this meeting at some stage within the next week. hopefully the meeting will be successful for brainstorming ideas and editing the script so it is ready for recording.

Week 3: (16/02/2018)






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