Blog Post 1: 10/10/17

A few weeks ago, I went to the Imperial War Museum where they had an exhibition on the First World War. It was an interesting exhibit that covered all aspects of the war, but what I noticed was that there was nothing about what happened to the soldiers after 1918. A lot of them would have suffered from shell shock (or better known now as PTSD) and others would have had life changing physical injuries.

I decided for my project that I wanted to explore some stories of what happened to soldiers and how they settled back into civilian life. I think this would be a good audio piece for the Imperial War Museum to use in the exhibit and would be quite topical because next year is the centenary of the end of the First World War.

When I was at the museum I manage to get a wide range of pictures about why men wanted to join up to the army in the first place and how propaganda and patriotism played a role in them signing up. This week I wrote down the way in which I wanted to approach the audio because I was unsure whether I wanted to create a drama, documentary or a mix between the two.

What I’m going to do this week is contact the press office at the IWM to see if I could access more sources and try and get a commission from them.


Blog Post 2: 24/10/17

This week, I attempted to get a commission from someone at the Imperial War Museum. The first person I emailed was the wrong person to ask because she only dealt with media enquirers and not commissions, but she was really helpful and re-directed me to somewhere else. Then, I messaged someone else at Imperial War Museum, but unfortunately they couldn’t help with what I was asking.

I also planned out in detail how the audio piece was going to be executed so that I knew exactly who I was going to interview

I also decided to start emailing people who I wanted to contribute towards my audio piece, but have not received any emails back about that.


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