Week One: During our three meetings prior to this writing first blog post, we’ve come by leaps and bounds. We decided on the “New Music” genre with a specific focus on Urban music and did this by a process of naming our first/second choices. We decided upon Urban music as both Kaylee and Phoebe know the genre very well. Then, we decided our roles by saying what we’d prefer and luckily everyone got the role they wanted. Kate and I are going to be in charge of doing the news and we’ll also help out with creating our social media accounts. Following this meeting, we decided upon ‘Refresh London’ as our station’s name and our show to be called ‘The after breakfast show’, as this is the “real” time students (the majority of our target audience) tend to wake up (11am-1pm). Phoebe, Billy, Kaylee and Holly, all suggested and played songs and artists which we could potentially play on our station. By the end of our second meeting, we allocated actions for people to get done before our next meeting.

Week Two: During this meeting, we all had separate meetings with Pulama as to have we can be extra productive in our roles. I have been given the task to jazz up our social media, by editing and adding our logo/ bios for each site. Furthermore, we also spent the day with Charles refreshing ourselves with Burli.  Kate and I decided that our bulletin should be roughly 3 to 3.5 minutes long. We did a couple of practice runs and learnt that we need to ensure that we effectively assess what stories are relevant to our audiences and that our stories aren’t too long. We were very good at making sure that our news programmes were to the correct times.

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