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Production week one, I took on the role as OB Presenter/Producer and helping with News. My role will be to research and book the artist or band for our stations live OB section also, I will oversee how the OB is presented and produced. From our first meeting, we discussed what roles we were going to do and the genre of music we were going for as our station sound. From this, we had a second meeting where we discussed what our station name and sound we were going for. I updated Gabriel our editor I had a look online for local artists that cover 90s britpop and that I had found something interesting, I also have contacted Pulp and Blur to see if there was a possibility to get them for the live shows. I have received a response back from Blur who are unable to help and I have had a response from Heather from M People’s manager, however, we agreed that she wouldn’t be the right sound for the station, but will continue to look. I am also going to see if there are any 90s influenced bands at the university we can use for rehearsals and pilot shows. Next up I need to secure the performers for the live show but also create how the OB should sound/feel. I will also connect with Minnie who is our head of news and see how she wants to move forward with the news.

Here is a link to the britpop band I have suggested to Gabriel –



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