I feel I’ve been fulfilling my role/responsibilities to a good standard. I’ve been very busy the last few weeks within my personal life, work responsibilities as well as uni, but I think i’m balancing it all well and making sure I save time for myself so I don’t burn out. I am overall enjoying all the responsibilities of being Editor, I’m really proud of everyone as well as myself with the direction we are taking our 80’s show. I was worried last week about the actual content we were producing as I felt like it was a lot of theories and talk but since we discussed the clocks and assigned everyone tasks, group and individual, I feel relaxed and like the ball is rolling. I’m relieved we recorded the jingles and idents so that Simone and I can edit them and create a sound profile and laying down our audio imaging. At this point, my main concerns go to the O.B. as we need to find a suitable one very soon so we can fit them in to the script and be sure that part of the show is in place. I will have to go with Thuong to the commercial music department and maybe phone up some pubs to get a suitable O.B.

I like that we have now established an overview of the music policy. Overall I feel like the foundations are being laid for a good show. I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s Spotify playlists when I’m thinking about the show, for inspiration on whats still popular as the viewer stats are up. I’ve also been listening to Absolute and Absolute 80s in brief intervals for inspiration on their style, especially when thinking about my AD (Aldi) and the structure of the show itself. Any problems I have had up to now I’ve spoken about either to the group or in private with Matthew, and this has settled any issues i’ve had thus far. Since reviewing the clock and digitalising it, the show makes a lot more sense to me, structurally and it has helped me get a good grasp on how it is all going to run – but the practice will reveal any problems. Overall, I’m feeling positive about it all and i’m enjoying supporting everyone where I can and getting on with the logistical side of things.

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