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Monday 28th October 2019.

Hello everyone,

We’ve started our planning for our music radio show and we’ve gone with the 80s theme!

So my role is Head of Music. Over this past week, I have been listening to a lot of absolute 80s! This is to get me familiar with an 80s show and the format and the tone. I then also out together three playlists.

An A List (pop tracks), B List (Band/funk music) and a C List (Rock/Indie music). This is how we are dividing our music categories but all the tracks are released between 1980-1989. I am also working on the core playlist, its almost done but not completed yet.

Over the next week, I will complete the core playlist and adjust the set playlists a little!


Until the next post,


Marlyse 🙂


Monday 11th November 2019

Hello again everyone,

This week has been quite productive. I worked together with the rest of the group to organise the core list and ge their approval for what I had put together. Once we established that, we revisited the List, which once we done it, it did work.

This week I have been tasked with getting the physical copies of the ABC list songs for production practice this week. I look forward to practicing the show with all the music. I am going to visit the library on campus and see if I can get the CDs if there’s any song I can’t get I’ll have to buy them.

Until the next post,

Marlyse .

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