Blog 1 – 28 Oct 2019

I am satisfied with how the all project is organised (station, program, name of program) and how the roles have been assigned. I choose to be studio producer as I like to understand better that technical part of a radio show. So I paid extra attention to the lesson in which we learned how to actually build the clock on Myriad and I stayed a little longer after the lesson to try to replicate what we did during the lesson. I paid also extra attention to last lesson too in which we learned how producers and presenters should interact in the studio to deliver the best possible result. I believe the key is communication between all members of the team.

I am currently carrying out my task for Thursday  which are:

  • Creating the imaging for the radio show using the samples that have been recorded on Monday. I am researching which is the best sound to use to create them.
  • Writing the creative brief for the ad, I have been assigned the brand and I’m aiming to create an ad that sound fun and effective

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