Music Radio Production Week 1

week 1

Production week one was about the contribution of ideas for our music radio show. My group came to a conclusion of using rock n roll as our genre. We also discussed and shared roles so that it is organised and professional. My job roles are interactive producer and presenting. Finding a suitable name for the programme was quite challenging as I tried researching. We finally concluded on “diner” which I believe is the perfect name for our show. This is because it was one of the most popular restaurants around the 50’s and 60’s of which families and friends spent quality time together. For the next production day, I will be researching about different radio social platforms such as classic rock, gold radio, absolute radio, 24-7 motown, rock radio 1 and many more. This will give me an insight of how to organise the layout of our social platforms (diners).

week 2

For production week two , my group came up with a name for the OB which is called “the bar”. We also wrote a short script for the opening menu of our music radio show.We also confirmed the design of the logo as we wanted a bright colour which match  the 50s and 60s rock “n” roll because it was fun and brightened moods. I was able to troll  social media pages of  different radio channels with the rock  “n” roll genre.This gave me an insight of the layout of their pages. As the presenter, i tried recording  the written script for the opening menu. This gave me an idea  of how it was going to sound prerecorded. Next week i will be creating logo suitable for out chosen theme and social media handles.


Week 3

production week four my group discussed the advertisement. we also edited the clock and tried putting music together. I went to Camden to get pictures of 50s and 60s fashions and art works. I created a logo for our show (diner) using bright colours which represent the 50s and 60s







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