Music Radio Week 3


I listened to the Kiss afternoon show with Michael that runs from 1pm through to 4pm, when I listened towards the end of the show the presenter didn’t speak much, instead the station played 3 songs grouped together with a station ident in-between the songs. The only time I heard the presenter speak was before and after the ad breaks when he encouraged the listeners to go and check out the Kiss FM socials and particularly Youtube where the listeners were being encouraged to watch and listen back to the Kiss Haunted House Party as well as following the station on all the ‘socials’ to make sure the listeners are up to date with all the latest station info, Social media is important to a station like Kiss as the vast majority of its listeners use it in some form and would most likely follow a rival station like Capital or Radio 1, if they not following KISS. The only other non music content I heard when listening was a wide range of adverts on the station from Ancestry UK to KFC, However the most striking advert was Covid related as it specifically appealed to young people asking them not to meet up at social gatherings, maintaining social distancing and looking out for the most vulnerable over the coming months.  During the 40 minutes I listened to Kiss, I didn’t hear them publicise any competitions however, a quick look on their website shows that they often have big cash give aways that requires the listener to do nothing more than text in to the show and wait for a response to find if they have been successful, it’s very easy to enter however given the number of entries and the £2 cost I don’t think it’s worthwhile. Whilst I wouldn’t listen to Kiss FM personally, I do believe the station makes for good listening for people who are interested in the type of music they play. It’s a very fast paced slick show which appeals to the targeted demographic of the young people who listen to it.



I listened to the late show on Magic Mellow magic with Jim Davis, The presenters only topic of conversation was to read out texts from listeners with their best weekend plans of interesting things to do around the house, the show has a very relaxing feel to it. This is reflected in the presenters voice and speaking tone along with the type of songs and adverts played. The show plays more music than your average show on Magic at one point the station played 4 songs with nothing more than a couple of station idents in-between. The show wasn’t running any competitions when I listened, however I know from listening to the station many times that they do run competitions during the day. The presenter made references to following the station on social media in the run up to the news but there wasn’t really much of a focus on this. I believe this is due to the fact that the target audience of Magic isn’t likely to be that invested in social media therefore, its not really there to generate content. It was interesting to compare the adverts regarding Covid 19. On Kiss, they used young people and almost pleaded with them not to go out and socialising with each other whilst on Magic it was much more subdued which i think highlights the difference between the two different demographics of the station. I think the show as a whole has a very simple format as it is based on nothing more than easy listening music and irreverent chat to pass the time, as a result I think this makes for a good radio show.


Radio X

I listened to the Radio X indie night with Rich Wolfenden, The show is on every Friday and Saturday night and plays lots of upbeat rock n roll tunes , The station has a very upbeat/happy feel to it, which you’d  expect for an evening weekend show, The presenter speaks a lot as you’d expect for this type of show and actively encourages listeners to contact him on twitter for song requests and to let him know what they’re most looking forward to about a night out when lockdown is over. The adverts featured were all either company’s such as Sky advertising entertainment packages during lockdown, or fast food chains such as McDonalds reminding listens that they’re still open for drive through visits, as well as on Uber Eats. As already briefly mentioned the show does use social media to help drive its narrative. Asides from reading out messages listeners had sent in, most of the links he mentioned were in regards to something posted on the station’s social media pages such as a picture of Suede lead singer Brett Anderson and encouraging followers to check it out before playing a Suede song. About 40 minutes later the presenter did the same thing again this time talking about a great picture of the late Eddie Van Halen. Before playing a Van Halen song. Radio X had a competition with ‘we buy any’ were a listeners who sell their car through a link on the website would be entered into a draw for £1000. Overall I think the show and the station makes really good content and is a great listen for the audience, the genre of music it plays means the people who like this music tend to me more invested in music overall.

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