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Week 1: 26/01/17
Today I went over key words as a refresher from Radio News such as: Voicer, Vox Pops, Feature, Bulletin etc and we learnt a new element (two – way) which we will go over more next week. Also we went over what we will be assessed on.

Week 2: 02/02/17
In preparation for today’s lesson we had to listen to TalkSport Drive Time and 5Live Drive which were 2 very different programmes. TalkSport is more male driven and 5Live seemed more family friendly compared however both of them bored me if I’m being honest. TalkSport was very hard to follow as there was too many voices with the same accents for my liking and it was more of a waffle than a discussion.
We learnt more about two ways and even did our own one. They are presenter – reporter conversations normally on complex issues. There is a lot of research that happens and deeper insights to the story than normal.

Week 3: 09/02/17
Today we found out our groups (Group A) and we also spoke about running orders. Timing is key so we spoke about coming out on time and different options to have if something goes wrong e.g having two lengths of a package etc. On top of that we spoke about making things more exciting to listen to for tips with our shows. During the lesson we listened to LBC with James O’Brian but I found it so interesting to listen to! It wasn’t very nice for the caller as it was borderline bulling however how the presenter had the control was amazing and really gripping to listen to.

Week 4: 16/02/17
This week we had a guest speaker in from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which was really interesting to hear about his job and what he has to do. I learnt that 8am is the peak listening so the programmes biggest story will be broadcast. Before Dave came in we listened back to the news programmes that we had done the previous week and critiqued them. Davide chose for us to listen to The Surgery on Radio 1 and Sports Bar on TalkSport for this weeks listenings. Surprisingly I liked Sports Bar and not The Surgery. For me, The Surgery wasn’t my cup of tea although I love the concept of the show for young people and it is presented really well and having Dr Radha in really makes you feel comfortable as a listener but I just didn’t enjoy it. I found the beds in the background really distracting for a serious topic but it was structured well for the target audience. I couldn’t listen live to the Sports Bar so I listened to The Best Bits. This podcast featured an interview with boxer Chris Eubank and I loved it. Andy Goldstein and Jason Cudy are a really good pairing as I found them both funny. It was all over the places and very ‘laddy’ however I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Week 5: 23/02.17
This week we had a re cap other some things that we have learnt in the past 5 weeks. We got into our groups and our target audience was revealed, my group have got an audience that targets predominantly men – abit of a “5 Live” audience. For the rest of the lesson we had to come up with a 15 minute show based on the news headlines, ours wasn’t quite 15 minutes as we was the first group up and very under pressure. I was presenting with Michael and had no preparation so it did go fairly bad but I know on my mistakes to be better for next time. This weeks listening was PM on Radio 4 and Late Night With Iain Lee on Talk Radio which were both very interesting in different ways.
I listened to PM on Friday 24th February so the show was based around the headlines from that day for 1 hour. Obviously it was very in depth and I like how it started by Eddie Mair telling us the headlines and then playing little montages from that headline because it drew me in as a listener as that was something different. I did find it hard to concentrate at times because it is not aimed at me but the way Eddie mixed it up with interviews etc helped.
I also listened to Iain Lee on the Friday too, it was very promising at the beginning. I liked his presenting style, he was very chatty and a big personality which is what you need to for a talk host so that the listener stays engaged however he can come across as too much. When he described the listeners as “idiots” I was abit offended however that could be how he is and listeners are used to it but as a first time listener I was no impressed. I felt that his interview went on for far to long in which I got bored and had to stop it.

Week 6: 02/03/17
This week we touched on the law. I had already done this in college so it was a refresher for me but it was nice to go back to it. Some of the examples that we learnt about were so shocking. This weeks listenings were Broadcasting House on Radio 4 and The Urbanist on Monocole. I didn’t really like either of the programmes, I feel if The Urbanist was on a different topic I would enjoy it a lot more. The topic was Migration and because I was interested it made me unengaged but I did like the structure of it as it had a nice flow. Broadcasting House was similar to PM in ways for me but I had to turn off because I was getting so confused as it was going at quite a fast pace and I was getting mixed up between stories. I did like the story about fining people who are caught driving on their phones as I felt they got very intimate with this story which was nice to listen to and I also learnt some new information.

Week 7: 09/03/17
This week we got into groups and thought about different feature ideas. This has been the first week that we have properly say down and thought out what we are going to be possibly doing. We also double checked that everyone was happy with their roles. Due to Ade being absent for a lot of lessons I am confirmed to be co presenter and Ade will be doing a package. We learnt how to do tieline which was really helpful as I have learnt a new skill and surprisingly it seemed fairly easy. We have discussed to do our OB in Chelmsford around the subject of gardening. I am now going to be listening to more BBC 5 Live programmes as that is kind of what our station is aimed at. Being presenter I need to listen to a range of magazine programmes but slightly more 5Live.

Week 8: 16/03/17
This week we assigned each other exactly what they will be doing and confirming the topics. This is what it looks like.
Chocolate 2W / Abudu

  • Vox
  • Expert

Football Fans PKG / Betts

  • Why football fans? Compare with Rugby

Pound Coin PKG / Cross

  • Explain Issue
  • Expert

Going Backwards PHONE INT / Presenters

  • Nokia 3310

Gardening OB / Young

  • How is gardening anti-stress
  • How to get into it
  • Garden Boxes

Gardening PHONE IN / Presenters

? INT(S) / Presenters

Week 9: 23/03/17
This week we created a 15 minute show on the unfortunate event that happened on Wednesday. I was fairly nervous to do this at first but I surprisingly enjoyed it thoroughly. I have learnt how to treat a serious issue and how to be considerate and respectful when script writing. Our group was going to have one presenter go with Tommy and Curtis (OB Team) and the other in the studio. We were up first at half 2 and I felt overall it went really well.
The tone was perfect, we treated it very seriously and Michael was great at presenting and picking up when the technical fault happened as he filled in. The OB team was fantastic! Tommy’s presenting was amazing, he managed to get an interview with someone visiting and she was such a good interviewee, which made the OB even better. Tommy and Curtis both loved doing it aswell, which made it even better as it went a whole lot better than expected. Iona was involved in the two way and she was as very good talker and had a lot of great views, her and Michael sounded great together! Dom done a really good job at driving the desk and Dan and Fay were great at directing and helping with script writing and ordering the topics. The only criticism as a whole is we need a tad more communication and I personally need to understand the topics more so that I am able to input etc. and be confident in what I am saying.
After the show we were proud at what we done so we went into RP2 and brainstormed loads of new ideas for stories as we needed stronger ones and more. As we have a pilot next week we really need to certify our stories and start to get in touch with people. I am listening to a lot more talk radio in preparation for presenting and am going into the studio and practicing. Soon me and Michael will be going in the studio with Dan and practicing. On Monday me and Dan will be doing imaging for the show and all of us are going to think of ideas about how to treat the stories to get them confirmed.




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