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Week 1: 26/01/17
Today I went over key words as a refresher from Radio News such as: Voicer, Vox Pops, Feature, Bulletin etc and we learnt a new element (two – way) which we will go over more next week. Also we went over what we will be assessed on.

Week 2: 02/02/17
In preparation for today’s lesson we had to listen to TalkSport Drive Time and 5Live Drive which were 2 very different programmes. TalkSport is more male driven and 5Live seemed more family friendly compared however both of them bored me if I’m being honest. TalkSport was very hard to follow as there was too many voices with the same accents for my liking and it was more of a waffle than a discussion.
We learnt more about two ways and even did our own one. They are presenter – reporter conversations normally on complex issues. There is a lot of research that happens and deeper insights to the story than normal.

Week 3: 09/02/17
Today we found out our groups (Group A) and we also spoke about running orders. Timing is key so we spoke about coming out on time and different options to have if something goes wrong e.g having two lengths of a package etc. On top of that we spoke about making things more exciting to listen to for tips with our shows. During the lesson we listened to LBC with James O’Brian but I found it so interesting to listen to! It wasn’t very nice for the caller as it was borderline bulling however how the presenter had the control was amazing and really gripping to listen to.

Week 4: 16/02/17
This week we had a guest speaker in from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme which was really interesting to hear about his job and what he has to do. I learnt that 8am is the peak listening so the programmes biggest story will be broadcast. Before Dave came in we listened back to the news programmes that we had done the previous week and critiqued them. Davide chose for us to listen to The Surgery on Radio 1 and Sports Bar on TalkSport for this weeks listenings. Surprisingly I liked Sports Bar and not The Surgery. For me, The Surgery wasn’t my cup of tea although I love the concept of the show for young people and it is presented really well and having Dr Radha in really makes you feel comfortable as a listener but I just didn’t enjoy it. I found the beds in the background really distracting for a serious topic but it was structured well for the target audience. I couldn’t listen live to the Sports Bar so I listened to The Best Bits. This podcast featured an interview with boxer Chris Eubank and I loved it. Andy Goldstein and Jason Cudy are a really good pairing as I found them both funny. It was all over the places and very ‘laddy’ however I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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