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Week 1 – 29/01/18

For this week as a group, we narrowed down all the potential ideas for our pop up station to our favourite four. These ideas were a Gaming Station, An Alternative Sports Station, A Disco Station and a Women’s Station. Everyone in the class on that day split into 4 groups depending on which idea you were most passionate about. As I had suggested the idea for the Women’s Show in the beginning as this year is the 100th anniversary since the Suffragettes won the right to vote for some women  I decided to go with that group. In our group, we had to come up with an outline of the station and what it would contain and then pitch it later on to the full class. These ideas included stuff surrounding the music the station would play, OB ideas, presenters and news. After all the individual groups had fleshed out our ideas the four groups pitched the station ideas before the entire class had several rounds of voting for their favourite. In the end, we all agreed on a Gaming Station as the idea was the best fleshed out as well as the most unique.

Once we had decided on the station we started working out roles. I knew from the start I wanted to work as a producer in some capacity on the speech show as I have a bit of knowledge in gaming as well as wanting to challenge myself with an all Talk Show as I didnt take part in Talk Radio. So I am the Producer for the talk show called State of Play. Once we all left for the day I created a group chat with myself, Fay and Tony who are the presenters, Ellen who is the AP, Eliza the editor, Lucy the programme controller and Adam the Executive Producer. I plan on speaking to my older brother who is a big gamer this week to find out what is big in the community at the moment.

Week 2 – 05/02/18

This week we started with a class group meeting to iron out a few decisions regarding the station including the name which the majority ended up voting for the name Unlocked. After this, we split up into our teams within the Station. Simon and Beth who are the OB team joined us as i spoke with them and we decided that the OB would work best in the Talk Show as it takes pressure off Fay and Tony. We decided in our team that we wanted the vibe of the Talk show to be a disccusion and debate regarding major topics within the gaming community. So we started to come up with ideas for the four different shows. These are the ideas we will be working towards for the show, but we will also be looking for other ideas in case something better comes up.  During this discussion, I flitted between the presenters for the show and the OB team to make sure the ideas suited both groups and especially in the OBs case there were exciting things for them to do.

For the Pilot and Week 1 Fay suggested an Idea surrounding the language used by the gaming community and whether they mean it, for example, the controversy of Pewdiepie and his language while playing games. I thought this was a good idea and said we should expand it to the gaming culture in general so the language used, the violence, the impact it has on young children and some slight conversations regarding the behaviour towards women.

For Week 2 we decided that we wanted to do an entire show on Women in Gaming so the underrepresentation of female heroes, the sexualisation of female characters, the discrimination towards Women gamers and the abuse they get. I thought that placing this idea after our first week 1 would be a good idea as Fay and Tony can connect the two shows and prelude to the disccusion in this week. This could provide some good social media content throughout the week in between as a way to get people’s opinions on the matter.

For Week 3 I decided that we should do a show on Gaming Addiction. Just at the beginning of the year Gaming Addiction was classified as an actual disorder. I also had spoken to my brother and he said in-app purchases are also a big problem as it counts as gambling and many people get addicted to this. This topic would also provide lots of guests and OB opportunities as we could get in game developers, people who are addicted to in-app purchases or games ourselves and go to a treatment centre for gaming addictions.

For Week 4 the final week we decided on a VR heavy episode. The discussions will be on about the future of VR, are they taking away from normal games, the health problems with them as well as the help they can provide for disabled people. This idea to do VR originally stemmed from Beth saying that she and Simon would like to do an OB somewhere regarding OB.  I did some research during the meeting and found a place called Omescape which is a place in London that claims to have the first team based VR escape room. I thought this would be a great OB and suggested it to Beth and Simon who loved the idea. This would also be great content for the digital team too. During the next week, we will contact them to try and arrange an OB there. Fay also has a contact who has VR equipment and does youtube equipment so we would bring them in too. I decided to have the topic VR during the last week as it is our most ambitious and fun idea and I think it would be a great conclusion.

After coming up with these ideas I also spoke to the News Team about what we wanted them to do in our show as well as speaking to Branding about what we wanted. In regards to News, we decided that it would be cool to aim to have a Newsbeat style investigation relating to each topic every week as well as news on the hour. This would once again take pressure off Fay and TGony as well as giving more opportunity to the news team.

Finally, after the meeting, I started to look at potential guests for the shows and found a few female gaming streamers/YouTubers that we will try and get in contact for an interview in Week 2. After this, Ellen and I started to work on the Remit for the show and I shall continue working on it for the rest of the week.


Week 3 – 12/02/18

Monday was really productive. I started off the day by sitting down with Simon as Beth wasn’t in to help finalise some of the OB ideas as well as starting to contact some. We made a document on the google drive with all the ideas for each week as well as starting to put on contacts and locations for each one. Lucy started to contact the list of Women Gamers I compiled last week. I found the contact information for the Omescape VR escape room and Simon rang them up to start the conversation. They seemed interested and said to email them with the details. So Simon and I sat down and wrote the email which I then sent off and we are just waiting for a reply from them.

After doing this I sat down with Ellen and we started working on mind maps of all the ideas we wanted Fay and Tony to cover in each show.  This helps segment the show into different sections and will make it flow better.

Once we had finished making mind maps of each show I went and found Bernice and spoke to her about the investigational pieces of news that she will be doing for week 1 (gaming culture) and week 4 (VR). I wanted to make sure that the topics linked with the main show but did not overlap too heavy with both the show and the OB. We decided that a good angle to take for week one in gaming culture would be whether violence in video games could impact violence in real life. I had already done some research on this topic and sent it over to Bernice to help her with a starting point. For the VR week I suggested that investigating the impact VR has on disabilities could be interesting Bernice agreed and has started working on that. Next week I will sit down with Clare who is doing Week 2 (Women in Gaming) and Week 3 (Gaming Addiction) to sort out her angle for those weeks. For the rest of this week, I am going to be working on researching some more into information surrounding the topics we are talking about as well as guests we could use.



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