SLUG: Project Pleasure w/Frankie Interview 

Is Sex Education being taught in sufficient detail at school?

Most of us remember sex education as an awkward lesson in our younger years at school and would never take any information seriously, especially the fear of embarrassment.


Project Pleasure, who is produced by Frankie Wells & Anouszka Budny present the popular podcast.


I spoke to Frankie Wells who is one of the presenters behind ‘Project Pleasure’ expressing her views on the topic and how the podcast came about.

*This interview contains graphic language*


DUR: 3’23

IN Words: ‘It was somewhere where….’ 

OUT words: ‘….It’s socialised in us now.’ 

Back anno: You can listen and find out more about the podcast here…




SLUG: Instagram/ Ben Fairclough & CharlottePowell 

With just over one billion users, Instagram is one of the words leading social media apps. A high percentage of users means it’s immensely competitive to stand out and make yourself known to the crowd. 

Ben and Charlie who work in the media industry discuss what techniques and guidelines people can do to boost their popularity but also the possible job outcomes that can come with that. 


IN words: ‘Instagram, lets talk about it…’ 

OUT words: ‘….Its fine, I’m use to it (laughing)’ 

DUR: 2’29

Back anno: You can find out more ways to help with Instagram success here….





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