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Weeks 1 – 3

The first weeks for pop up have been productive yet stressful. The frustrations of working online have definitely become a problem as this project is relying on group work and this can become difficult if someone’s wifi dies, laptop crashes or if blackboard refuses to cooperate. However, throughout all of this, we have a really good start to our Y2K station!

Week One:

After deciding which station theme we were going to go for, everything fell into place quite smoothly. Roles were distributed and everyone got on with building our brand. My role is a content manager which means I oversee all the admin work to do with the station and just help wherever I can! I also helped Andrea build the website as we had a meeting showing off two designs and then Charlie decided to merge both designs together, getting the best of both.

Week Two:

This week became the most stressful and difficult week within hours as I had to suddenly deal with a family emergency. I tried to not let this affect my work with the station however unfortunately my tasks that were set for this week fell behind. However, the running order for the magazine show I am presenting was completed and looked over and agreed upon. Clocks were shortly made for this show after some discussion and re-organising the show.

Week Three:

The third week, personally things had settled down and movement was happening across the board! The website is almost finished, quizzes have been made and music is being gathered. I looked over a load of my old CDs, as did Marlyse and Charlie and I believe that together we have a great selection of music! This week also became very tech orientated as I learned how to use the platform with Simon and I can’t wait to use it with the new piece of tech I was received. The rodecaster is so snazzy I love it! And hopefully, after a play around we can actually get the pilot as live as it can be!



  • Set up an interview for feature ‘then and now’
  • Write rough script for the magazine show
  • Record top 5 feature with Andrea
  • Gather more music for the station’s core sound
  • Edit interview with Charlie


Week Four – Pilot

After spending seven hours on Zoom and one tube trip later, the rodecaster has finally been set up! Simon and I tried so many different ways of plugging in two MacBooks, an iPad and a phone to finally get the set up we settled on which works and more importantly sounds great on air! This week I also almost finished my checklist from last week, finishing the script and recording of the magazine show links, recording and editing for top-five and finishing the segment for then and now after re-working how it’s going to work. The interview with Aicha has also been edited solely by Charlie as I couldn’t make the meeting as the tech set up took forever.

The pilot went better then I expected for the live segment. Charlie and Marlyse absolutely killed it and I had help from Paola for the social media check-ins. The Podcast has some hiccups however that was due to the file being shorter than the time slot given on which means this is an easy fix. The magazine however was a hot mess. After starting late due to human error of not loading up the file to, the first two songs heavily swore. I was cringing while listening in and realised that the levels of everything were all over the place. This is what a pilot is for but still was frustrating to realise as it was live on air and I couldn’t apologise or fix the faders.



  • Rework Egirl v Itgirl and find a contributor
  • Gather and upload tracks for station sound
  • Edit and refine Chatz
  • Censor music


Week Five – Fashion Week!

“Well yikes” was my first thought after we came off the air from our first show. From the tech side, everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. We started late due to a misstep that no one even knew about until three minutes into the show when I realised once you had updated the playlist, you also then had to update the schedule. Unfortunately realising this while the show was airing meant that the podcast would be going out three minutes late and would be cut off at the end. I accepted the fact that the podcast would be cut off three minutes early. What I didn’t anticipate was that the podcast would be cut off and then restart itself. This came as a total shock to myself and Simon when we didn’t know what exactly had gone wrong.

Then it was my show, Chatz. Started well, as if nothing had ever happened which was nice after the stress of the first half an hour. The .mp3 file went out perfectly, even didn’t go wrong and behind the scenes we shared a sigh of relief. This however turned out to be the calm before the storm. Not much else can be said about Chatz apart from the feedback I had received:

  • Include fun facts about the songs
  • Name check myself more
  • Do more URL shoutouts
  • Throw forward to the next week

All this feedback will be put in place for next weeks show.

Then 5v5 happened. Charlie and Marlyse did an amazing job at presenting and the friendly rivalry between them shines through every link. Funny and engaging! Technically though, oh boy, the gremlin from the podcast had returned and with a vengeance. Somehow – and myself and Simon still don’t know how or why – the show was being broadcasted through my macs microphone and not the rodecastr setup even though the set up has not been changed since the two pilots we did last week. This stumped us entirely and are just going to have to double and triple-check everything is working as it should for next week.

Building up to the show was stressful and hectic as I had to rip more CDs and then upload them to the shared drive, record and edit my links again and also then had to build the show while on a zoom meeting while having a stressful work environment at my parents. Luckily as Marlyse has access to all the music now, I will be staying in London for the rest of the production weeks.


  • Record and edit interview with Luke Farrell for then and now feature
  • Record and edit top 5 with Paola
  • Write script for entertainment week
  • Complete running order
  • Finish tagging tracks on
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