Production Week 1 – 20/01/2020

This week we got given the brief and a general overview of what was expected from us for this module. We then put together a number of random topics and drew them out onto posters. From this we started to slowly narrow down the topics we wanted to do. After discussing ideas we narrowed it down to a further three so that the whole class were interested in at least one topic. We then went into groups to try and develop the ideas further. The three main ideas the class were left with were Atlas Radio, Theatre radio and Dating in London. Everyone split into teams between the three topics and our task for next week is to develop our chosen topic further which we’ll pitch to the class.

Production Week 2 – 27/01/2020

This week we pitched each of the three remaining ideas we had chosen within our teams. This gave us a chance as a class to develop the ideas we already had further and then this was able to help us pick our final topic for the station. After pitching each of the ideas we decided to go with the Atlas radio ideawhich is where explore the different cultures in London through music and speech. However this name was already taken so throughout today we were trying to research another name for the station which was relevant we were also split up into roles and we each voted and decided who was going to do what role within this project. I’m currently in the digital team however this could change for next week. In the meantime we’re all going to try and research a further name for our station ready for next week.

Production Week 3 – 03/02/2020

I was originally going to do the digital marketing and content producer role however I’ve now been moved since last week to Head of Sales. We’ve also finalised our station name this week which is going to be Atlas London Radio which hasn’t been taken, this also narrows our station identity down to a specific area. I’m now emailing as many businesses as possible in order to grant us advertisement for the station and then by doing this we should be able to start producing Adverts for our station next week so we can be as prepared as possible ready for our first pilot show in a couple of weeks.

Production Week 4 – 10/02/2020

This weeks been pretty hectic because it’s the last week before we start our pilot shows. I’ve been mostly emailing as many businesses as possible. I have now contacted around 35 or so and eight have come back to us and confirmed they’re happy for us to go forward and produce an advert for them. I have tried haggling in order to get us some sort of income but unfortunately they’re mostly local businesses so far and therefore aren’t able to put money towards the AD. I’ve produced one Advert so far and i’m aiming to have five completed ready for the pilot next week. I’ve distributed the work out to different people for all the AD’s we have so far and already have around 2 VO’s recorded ready to add effects etc. For next week its all abut getting the full 16 ads commisioned if possible. I’m going to go around to some local businesses to meet the managers face to face to hurry the process up quicker. I’m also looking to produce some idents ready for next week in order to try and relieve the pressure off the branding team.



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