Production week 1:

For this production week, as Studio Assistant and one of the Script Writers, I first went into the studio with my groups studio technician and package producer Kaylee to record some imaging for the TalkinLondon show. Various phrases included ‘TalkinLondon with Rhys Gunter’ and ‘Mind the gap between the chat’. Once they were done I went onto going downstairs into the forum to collect vox pops from several students, both male and female, asking them “How old were you when you first started watching porn?” This was to be put into the package that was to highlight the talk of new porn laws that were supposedly coming into effect soon. After that I gave them to Kaylee to edit into the package. I managed to get around 6 people as many others didn’t feel comfortable with answering the question. Then I went onto writing some INS and OUTS and back anno for one of the stories on the show and a few entry lines for another one of the stories, being helpful wherever possible. Also I made sure to keep the phone connection between our OB Harriet and Megan to make sure that it went through.


Final production week:

For the final production week, as Studio Assistant I was required to get a phone-in caller for our live show which I manged to do in advance. I added their name and two contact numbers as a backup in case one number didn’t go through. Then in preparation for the live show, I helped out wherever possible by writing out some cue scripts for our presenter Rhys. I researched online and found some audio relating one of our stories for our main feature package which I then went on to send to our package producer Kaylee. Once that was done I went into the studio a few times just to make sure that the phone in the studio worked so that when it came to the callers’ number being dialed, it would go through and there would be no technical errors to fix.

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