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Production Week 1

This week we have had our first early meetings to establish the content we want to produce in order to establish a successful New Music Radio Station. First we assigned roles to each persons interest, and added support roles for each person to have someone to work with. For example, the Head of Music and the OB Producer will be working together to offer each other support and share the responsibility to create a more collaborative environment.   We also assigned tasks to each person to complete ahead of our meetings next week (12.11.17). Our main focus for this week visually is to create our social media channels, our website, and our logo. Audio wise we are working on scripting our ads, creating a playlist, and scheduling guests before next week. At our next session we have two external contributors coming in to record our imaging, we will be flushing out our ad scripts, creating a clock, and will also begin to create content for the show. As Editor I am acting mostly as a sounding board this week to provide support in all areas. Specifically I am supporting the socials team to create online content, supporting the music team in finding new artists, finding potential sponsors, and overseeing the ads team to give them the sign off on any ideas.

Key points in our last meeting:

  • Decided our station name: REFRESH London
  • Our Slogan: Quenching your thirst for new music / Thirsty for new music
  • Assigned key roles and assignments

Attached is the minutes from our first meeting


Production week 2

This week after my meeting with Mathew about the progress of my group we had a very productive session. I decided to meet with each of the groups individually in order to go over what needed to be done and hear any concerns they may have. I think this was the best way to delegate tasks while making sure all of the members of the group were on track and not feeling overwhelmed. I also worked with a voice over artist to record one round of our station imaging. We will also have an additional artist coming in to record the same imaging next week in order to have a diversity of voices for the stations sound. I also re created the website on an alternate platform to the one we had originally used as I felt i could customize it to our brand more successfully. After the session I checked in with everyone individually to get a status update and assigned tasks to be completed by our next meeting. Below is a comprehensive lists of all the things completed this week and the tasks to be completed by next week Thursday.

– Finished music policy
– Finished playlist
– Guest and backup guest booked
– Live session named and branded
– Chose time and format for live session
– 11/15 ads scripted
– 7/15 ads recorded and produced, the rest to be done by next Thursday
– Decided on news format
– Delegated news roles for the day of broadcast
– Found news bed
-Began customizing channels with branding
– Began writing draft content to schedule
– Re-made website
– Decided on two features: “The Sip” weekly music news, “The Showdown” Kaylee and Billy each bring in a new track to play for each other on air at the beginning of the week, listeners vote on twitter for their favorite track and that becomes the track of the week.
– Brainstormed ideas for the competition
– Recorded imaging voices
– Found beds for show
To be completed before next session:
– Finish scripting and producing remaining ads
– Download all playlist music to be uploaded to myriad
– Update website
– Finalize imaging
– Decide on competition
– collect materials for live session
– Add song times to clock

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