After everyone was assigned individual production roles. We learnt a bit more about the audio fiction and further analysed a 6 minutes audio drama ‘drifting’. We also had our first script reading session. I also learned about the home recording setup through zencastr. 

We read about 6 scripts and understood the character and theme of every script. We started working for casting for ‘Sleeping In’ discussing each character through the casting form. Before moving further with the script and production I contacted Stella the script writer of our play to discuss the script to check if it needs any alterations. No changes were made in the script. 

Sleeping In’ had three main characters – Doctor, Abby and Jen. We discussed the sex, age, emotional state, voice quality, accent and defining characters for each role. After we finished our casting form we were asked to pick actors for each character. After listening to all the voice actors and working out the most suitable actors for the play. One of the most important factors for casting was to incorporate different accents. In audio drama it is important to incorporate different voices/accents of actors to differentiate one character from each other. As there are no visuals in audio fiction the distinction between the actors has to be clear. Later, discussed the entire cast with the team and Jeremy to get his feedback and check the actors availability.


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