Living in London anyone can tell you that the price of food isn’t exactly cheap. As we get closer and closer to the studentimg_1432s final instalment of their maintenance loan. We spoke to some students about their budgets for food and whether they feel they are living a healthy lifestyle whilst completing their higher education. We also spoke to a student that goes to university in Preston in order to compare the cost of food and a healthy lifestyle with university students studying outside of the capital.

Here Chris Conway explains how he budgeted for food while studying at Middlesex University during his first year of his course. He also speaks of how he has changed his habits as he moves into second year of his studies in order to fit the expensive cost of living that London brings.

Harvey Rising also speaks of his weekly food budget whilst studying at University of Central Lancashire. Showing the difference in cost of living for students living inside the capital compared to further North of the country.

As you can here from both of the interviews their was a significant difference of £10 for the two boys cost of living making clear the expensive lifestyle of living in the capital. However, for people like Chris, there are ways to decrease the amount of money you spend on food a week with simple changes to bad habits such as ordering take-out, and buying snacks.

The best way to ensure you are sustaining a healthy lifestyle on a cheap budget is to cook at home and in bulk. For many healthy dishes such as shepherds pie and Spaghetti Bolognese you only need a few ingredients which you can buy in large quantity for cheap and store in the fridge for days without it losing its freshness.



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