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I am in group c, along with Lucy, Abbi, Clare, Simon, Eliza, Matt and Molly. We have sorted out our roles and have made a Google Drive folder we can all work in.

I am the outside broadcast presenter and I am looking forward to doing something I haven’t done before. I do feel like this role is out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try something new that I am not as confident with to try and build my experience and confidence.

I feel like our group have got a decent start in planning the show and we are organised. We have already decided on a range of stories and the treatment for those stories. For the OB we are basing it around Easter and chocolate. I am planning to go to a chocolate shop in London to find out the reason for the link between chocolate and Easter. This will also include chocolate tasting and possibly an expert to talk about the history of chocolate Easter.


Myself, Lucy, Clare, Abbi, Simon and Adam met today to go through the stories and treatments of stories in more detail. As a group we have been throwing more ideas around for stories and detailing the ideas we definitely want to go with.

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