The Italian Olympic committee erupted with joy after it was announced that Milano Cortina has been selected as the host cities of the Winter Olympic games 2026. This event will be a great boost for the economy of Milano, Cortina and the North East of Italy.

However, hosting the games will be a great challenge for the Italian Olympic Committee and the local governments of Milano and Cortina. The IOC, the International Olympic, Committee expects a sober edition of the games, with a low impact on the environment but with a positive outcome for the local communities. Nothing like the previous edition of the game hosted in 2006 in Turin, that left debts and abandoned structures.


Milano Cortina 2026 promises to be a leading edge edition of the Winter Olympic games. The organisers must be careful to deliver such a complex event while respecting the fragile environment of the Dolomites. Our reporter Simone Prosdocimo went to Cortina to investigate how they are planning to achieve this challenging task.

IN: [Noise of people celebrating]

OUT: …example to be replicated.

DUR: 3’22

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