William Hambidge


Production Week One! 

So far we have come together as a team and decided what roles we would like to do and spoke together about what each person is expected to do. This was good as we have set our guidelines down at the start, this being the genre, what sound we want, types of artists, and the name of the station. I believe that this is good that we got this out the way right at the beginning so that there is no confusion between roles and we have a confirmed outline of the feel for the station. My role is presenter but because that is mainly just on the day I have also taken part of the role for ads team so I will be doing 5 out of the 15 ads that are compulsory, I have started looking at adverts on YouTube for the sound that I want to create. I was looking into the Superdry coat advert which has a very urban feel so I want to create an ad like that but towards another item or brand say Adidas tracksuits or trainers. My next job is to fully plan out the 5 ads that I want to do and bring them to the team to see if they go with our sound. This will be easier and helpful having the plan for each ad written down as when the voice over artists come in to do the ads for us, we look professional and well prepared rather than looking like we don’t know what we are doing.

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