Cue: It’s near impossible to control where our data goes these days, from Nectar cards to internet cookies, CCTV to webcam spies – it sometimes feels like you’d have to live in the middle of a forest to avoid these realities of modern living. Gabriel Green wants to find out whether we’re just being paranoid, or if we all need a sudden change of lifestyle.

In: “Do you ever feel as if you’re being tracked?…”
Out: “…are pioneers, and we don’t even know it.”

Dur: 9’27”

In this programme, I explore the ways we are tracked by technology companies and by authorities. I speak to two interviewees about their personal viewpoints about the constraints of society and their views on people who live “off-grid” to avoid the pressures of society. I have also incorporated found footage from recent news stories relating to two former Facebook Executives who are now warning people of the dangers social media may have on society.

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