Youyu Shi

Producing Audio Drama (Pre-Production Week Two)

After having a basic understanding of how audio drama works, I was thrilled to record myself and meet my teammates through Blackboard. For the recording part, we are introduced to a recording website -Zencastr, for high-quality podcast production. Zencastr is a popular online recording platform that has a fully-featured suite of tools that helps recording, testing, editing, and publishing podcasts. It also has a free account that allows starters like me to develop an interest in recording. The thing I like best about Zencastr is that you can add guests via email and record them remotely. That works very well for our group as our team members are not in the same country, it is more efficient to do it online.

When it finally comes to the meeting of our group, I felt excited to finally meet my team members, Marlyse, Kareem, and Yue Liu (or Jessie as she preferred to be called). And I appreciate being the co-ordinator in this group. After a brief introduction of ourselves, we have a discussion on the script – Dancing in Kabul’s , which we found it could be improved if some part of it can be changed. For example, giving an accent of one leading role to emphasize the cultural background. Therefore, we decided to have a meeting with the Script Writer, Brid Arnstein.

As a co-ordinator in this group, I was mainly responsible for taking notes as well as contributing to the discussion during the meetings. Since I have no related experience in radio production, I felt quite nervous in the beginning. However, with great collaboration with my team members, I felt more confident when expressing my ideas toward the project.

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