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Blog Post 6:

So it has been a challenging few weeks. Having all my contributors dropping out was the biggest blow i had to this project. I was so dissapointed about it as it was something that i was really looking forward to making. I wanted to learn more about the history which i did but no one was willing to share their information. As if they didn’t want anyone to know. So I had to inform the guy i was making this project for and tell him i wasn’t able to as everyone i spoke to didn’t want anything to with it. However speaking to him he wasn’t surprised. He told me something similar happened to him when he started looking it up. So its either a cowensidents or someone very fishy.

I spoke to my tutor about this and i got told to do a whole new project.  This had put me down a lot as i had only a week to do it. But to be honest i have only myself to blame as i should of spoken to her earlier as it would of saved me a lot of time and would of been less stressful.

For this new project i’m doing it on a guided tour for new students for this campus. Thinking about it i wish i did a guide tour of seven sisters, but there is only so much you can say about a set of trees.

After the meeting with my tutor i had a script written up and the audio was being recorded that day.

I managed to get an interview with dan to give a better view point of the university and to help make it sound more alive.

Over the week i had to redo different parts as i thought up of new lines or added in parts or removed parts. But overall i am proud of what i did as it was enjoyable, even thought i gave myself loads of stress which i shouldn’t of done.

Blog Post 5:

So after meeting with Valerie Crosby for the final time she was not willing to do the interview. I assured her it wasn’t going to be anything major just her to explain about the trees. But she wasnt having any of it. So I am now down an interview.

But hopefully it shouldnt be to bad as i have spoke to Mat via email and he is still willing to do it. He has also told me about a group of people who meet up once a month and share any about london history. So hopefully i’ll be able to go along and speak to someone who might know a thing or two about the trees.

I’ve also had no luck with trying to speak to the families who planted the trees. I have left them messages but to no luck. So instead of using the families I have thought about using diary entries and getting voice actors to do it. I did managed to get a few copies of some diary’s from the originally sisters.

Blog Post 4:

I finally met up with Valerie Crosby, an historian based at the Bruce castle museum. She is more then willing to be interviewed about the trees. However she did say to me she’s a bit nervous which isn’t surprising as this will be her first interview about this.

I’ve set a date with Matt Brown for the interview, however it will be cutting it a bit fine as it’s set for 29th november. However this shouldnt be a big issues.

The historians I emailed never got back to me but the musesum did give some contact details to some of the familys which planted the trees most recently. So hopefully I’ll be able to get a different point of view on the trees and what it meant to everyone.

Blog Post 3:

Having done some primary research i came into contact with the Bruce castle museum based in Tottenham, not too far away from the location of the seven trees. Brief speaking to them they are keen to help me out find out more and will be willing to do an interview with me. I’ve also got in contact with Matt Brown, a journlist from the Londonist who is also willing to help me out and to be interviewed.

I’ve also been given a few contact details of historians who could help me out doing this piece. I have yet to hear back from them yet.

I’ve been doing some research and script writing as i want to get the way i want to portray this as soon as possible.

Blog Post 2:

Over the past few weeks my ideas have completely changed. Originally I was going to focus on doing PTSD for combat stress. However after speaking to the charity and thinking of the logistics of it, it would of been very hard and tricky. This is due to the issues itself and how it can be done.


So i decided to not to do it on this topic. As a result i had to think of new topic matter to do it on. After thinking long and hard about it I have decided to do it on Seven Sisters and the seven trees planted by the sisters. I have decided to go for this for different reasons.

The first reason is a person one as i’ve recently found out that my family had replanted the trees during the 1950s. But the main reason is because it is a very interesting subject matter. As no one really knows why the tree were planted there, or who planted it. So because of the mystery and the amount of history with it, it seems like a good idea for me to do.

I managed to do some research on it like the groups of people who are interested in it and the up keep of it. I have managed to speak to the guy who runs a website which focuses on the surrounding who is very keen on helping me make it. With connections to the familes who have been involved in the past and historians that’ll give me information about it.

Overall this will be a good topic matter as it isn’t so emotional as the combat stress and it’ll be interesting to both make and listen to.



Blog Post 1:

For my audio piece I have been stuck between two different ideas. Think long and hard about them and the different angles I can take with them.

Idea 1:

My first idea I had was that of Barnet FC. I wanted to show off the side no one really gets to see about a football club. Like how everything works, how the staff interact with each other and how the fans and players interact with each other daily. Think about this topic matter I have decided not to go for it. This is because I feel that this one would be too broad and I wouldn’t be able to cover everything I wanted.


Idea 2:

My second idea for this is that of PTS in young soldiers. The reason why I want to focus on this one is because whenever you think of PTS you normally think about it only effecting older people. Manly men in the middle ages. However, having a few close friends who have gone though it at a young age it shows that it doesn’t matter what age you are. You will affect anyone at any age.

Having searched thought a few charities I have decided to aim towards the Charity Combat Stress. This charity supports and helps servicemen and women going thought mental and health issues following them leaving the forces. They also have people who are willing to talk about PTS which will be helpful. Hopefully they will be able to put me into contact and give me some information about PTS and the support someone can get.

Knowing that this is a very sensitive issue. It may be a problem getting people to talk about it, especially young ex-service men. However, with the support of Combat stress it won’t be an issue to find someone either going through it and might be able to speak about it.


Overall, I’m confident that the second idea will be the most effective and most enjoyable to make.

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