Slug: An interview with Martyn Hall, A live Sound Engineer, about the current state of the live music industry.

Cue: Is this the end of live music? I spoke with Martyn Hall, A live sound engineer and promoter about the current climate of the live music scene, and what are some of the contributing factors to the direction live music and performance spaces in the future. I spoke with him before he was due to sound engineer at O2 Islington, a music venue in North London.

In: “yeah, I think things are pretty dire, at the minute…”

Out: “This is how venues, and promoters and bands are responsible for their own demise…”

Back Anno: That was a conversation with Martyn Hall, a freelance sound engineer based in London.

3 min 26 sec.




Slug: Students discussing production and recording techniques.

Cue: Whilst attending a performance by the London City Philharmonic Orchestra, I met two Music Tech Masters Students from the London College of Music, Laura Beck and John Quigley, explaining their recording processes to Daniel, a clarinet player from the orchestra.

In: “I think, in a way, this is actually more straight forward…”

Out: “It just doesn’t sound very natural…”

Back Anno: That was Masters students, Laura Beck and John Quigley speaking with Daniel, a clarinet player for the London City Philharmonic Orchestra.


2 min 59 sec


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