Monday 14th November 2016

Today the ads team began voicing the scripts that we have written. After making the first ad for Lemsip (edited by Abbi), we were confident about the rest of the ads. Voiceovers were done for a McDonalds ad and a Toys R Us ad today and they sound great!

On the other hand, I finished writing my scripts today for the adverts which I will be putting together. Adverts is my main role, so I’m doing a couple more ads that the others in the team. I have also downloaded a few sound effects from a website called, which allow users to download sound effects that I can search up. All the uploaded content is free to use, and holds no copyright laws. So far I have found some sound effects for the Kwik Fit, Heinz and Amazon.

One difficult part of the ad making is finding a range of voices. Male and female voices aren’t a problem, but finding a range of young and old voices is a bit of a challenge as there aren’t many old people who can be accessed quickly. However, we still aim to find a mixture of voices including young, old, male, female and different accents (which is easy to find as the university has a huge range of people!)

I am really happy with the progress the whole group has made. We are all very organised and I am really happy with the progress of the ads team! On Thursday we will all meet up and continue to make our adverts that we have scripted, finish any unscripted ads that people may be struggling with, ensure briefs are being written for ads that have been completed and we will also plan, as a group, one of our ads which is also a competition.

Thursday 17th November 2016

I have now completely finished writing the scripts for the ads I am doing. By the end of the day, I managed to completely finish two of my ads (Heinz and Amazon). I spent some time helping other people with voice overs for their ads and made sure all the documents were up to date in the Google Drive. Over the weekend I will help anyone who is working on ads if they need it.

The plan for next week is for everyone to have completed their adverts that they have been assigned and then on Thursday the aim is to have completed the Kia advert which is also our competition (which is why all of the ad team are focusing on that advert).

I will be completing my ads before Thursday (as some people were not available this week to do voice overs), as well as having them edited.

Monday 21st November 2016

Today I completed another ad voice over, for Kwik-Fit. In the afternoon, the whole group received an email about our progress. We were given advice that the voices for the ads were not professional enough. The ad team have had a re-think about the ads and are now trying to find appropriate voices for the demographic (35-64 years), and also voices which have different accents to display diversity.

I listened to all the ads that have been produced so far and made suggestions for improvements. I will be making my own improvements and completing some more ads on Thursday.

Meanwhile, I have written a script for our competition ad, to win a Kia Soul, and hopefully will be completing that this Thursday too.

Thursday 24th November 2016

Today the group listened to ads with Matthew. We were given extra feedback to improve on the adverts. Five of the adverts do not need improving at all, however our biggest improvement is to get better voice overs for most of the ads. We came across a website called and this proved to be very helpful. We managed to find professional voices to script ads for us, for free!

I also completed my Lydia Florist advert today. I got my mother to come in to the studio to voice the script, and it sounds great for the demographic of the station Mi-Soul!

Monday 28th December 2016

Today, I spent a lot of time writing up an improvements list for the adverts in the Google Drive. Other members of the ad team also wrote down improvements.

I also spent some time re writing some of my scripts and figuring out how they are going to sound from the ones I have changed, such as my Amazon ad.

Thursday 1st December 2016

We had our pilot show today where Matthew and Tom would be listening, and then would provide feedback.

Upon getting feedback, I was very happy they liked my Heinz advert, and this gave me more confidence with the changes I am going to make to the others.

Monday 5th December 2016

On Thursday, we have the final show and everything is coming together nicely for the ad team. I have spent the morning finding voice over artists for the last few ads. Luckily I have had many responses to my requests and people have been able to send me their voice overs of scripts I have sent them.

Thursday 8th December 2016

Today is the day of the show and 16 ads have been completed which is enough for our show.

The final brands we have made adverts for are: Mcdonalds, Toys R Us, Lydia Florist, Amazon, Aldi, British Gas, Dogs Trust, Heinz, Lemsip, Lola Photography, Nao Album Release, Ronnie Scotts, Travelodge, Waterstones, Winter Wonderland and Brother.

The ad team used a range of professional voice over artists, family, friends and students to provide a range of ages, races and accents.

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