Beth Moss

Your loving Myra: Letters from an imprisoned Suffragette

Quiet Down There

PiDelivery date: 12th December 2017

Duration:         20”00 Minutes

Contributor/s: Lady Diana Dollery

Actors:            Rosanna King

                       Daniel Armstrong

Producer:        Beth Moss

Short Synopsis

2018 will mark the centenary of women winning the right to vote in the UK. Based on original letters from 1912 sent between an imprisoned suffragette and her husband, this portrayal of the strive to gain the vote reveals one woman’s remarkable achievements, and gives an insight into the extraordinary life work of the Suffragettes.

Long Synopsis

The definition of suffrage means the right to vote in political elections, and this is what women in the UK at the turn of the last century wanted. They believed that if they were intelligent enough to sit on school boards and pay the same taxes as men, then they should have the right to vote and decide who would run their country. The protest was peaceful and unyielding until Emmeline Pankhurst formed the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903. Better know as the Suffragettes, these women wanted the right to vote and they were not prepared to wait. The suffragettes began using new tactics and violence to make their cause known and finally in 1918 women in the United Kingdom over the age of 30 won the right to vote.

This piece will mark one hundred years since women won the right to vote in the UK. It will be used as a provocation to get people thinking about what the suffragettes did for women and society today. It can be used as provocation and promotional tool on Quiet Down There’s website to encourage people to think about the women’s political fight and to join in the events and activities that they are putting on to celebrate the hundred years of women’s suffrage.

This piece will take the form of a drama documentary and will use original letters from 1912 sent between imprisoned suffragette Myra Sadd Brown and her husband Ernest. The original letters are stored in the Woman’s Library in London. The story will be narrated by an interview with Myra and Ernest’s granddaughter, Lady Diana Dollery who brings her own memories and family history to the table. The letters will be voiced by actors to bring the story alive and shine light on the remarkable events and achievements that finally gave women the vote. This drama documentary will use sound effects and music to engage the listener into the suffragette fight. This re-telling of one suffragettes letters and life will be exciting and educational as well bestowing important historical knowledge onto the listener.

Commission artefact:

Online text to introduce audio:

In 1912 a suffragette named Myra Sadd Brown was sentenced to two months hard labour for breaking a window in the war office. During her incarceration she wrote and received letters from her husband Ernest. The following is a dramatisation of these letters narrated by her granddaughter Diana Dollery. The letters tell of Myra’s time in Holloway prison and highlight the remarkable events, achievements and the fight for women’s right to vote. 2018 will mark the hundred year anniversary of women winning the right to vote.

Produced by Beth Moss

Duration 20” 00 minutes

Voice Actors: Rosanna King & Daniel Armstong

Contributor: Lady Diana Dollery

Music: Royalty free music from

With thanks to The Woman’s Library at LSE for access to the letters

Images to promote audio:

  1. Drawing of Myra Sadd Brown, drawn by artist Jessie Mothersole at a suffragette meeting.
  2. Suffragette medals bestowed upon Myra Sadd Brown for going on hunger strike.
  3. Sample of one of Myra’s letters to her husband.

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@BethMoss Please give a listen to the 100 year old letters written by a suffragette in prison who helped win us the right to vote. #girlpower #suffragette

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