Haemophilia, the royal disease. But what is it actually like to live with Haemophilia? Meet Taylor, a 11 year old boy born with the severe blood disorder. From home treatment, to missing school, Taylor gives us a real insight to what it’s like living with Haemophilia.

In: “Some of ours…”


Out: “…we don’t know any different.”


Duration: 9:50



My digital story is all about what life is like living with the blood condition Haemophilia. The production is based around a 11 year old boy, and how he and his family handle living with the condition. This includes how the home treatment is done, to how it affects school life and also work life later on.

The production also includes a nurse called Helen from the Haemophilia unit in Birmingham, explaining what the condition actually is.

All the footage was filmed by myself, and the music bed come from www.bensounds.com.

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