Angharad Betteridge Campion



Digital Storytelling

Cue: Radio plugger Finola, from Derry/Londonderry Northern Ireland, reflects on her childhood growing up in a country transitioning from war to peace. Finola is a 27-year-old nationalist, who left Derry in 2011 to pursue a career in London. She reflects on her upbringing with producer, Angharad Campion.


In: I’m Finola, I’m 27 years old, and I’m from Derry


Out: when they have to leave, like, that’s just another form of oppression, really….


Dur: 6 min 17 sec



I decided to create a short piece about Finola, who grew up in Derry because as someone who grew up in London, when we have spoken about our upbringings, I was alarmed at how little I knew about what was happening in another part of the UK and wanted to highlight how vastly different our childhoods were, yet so similar in other aspects.


This was recorded at her flat in North London.


I took a lot of my visual inspiration from documentaries such as ‘Hypernormalization”  by Adam Curtis, who uses archive videos and images to create a visual collage that follows the narrative.


Podcasts such as Radiotopia’s “Love and Radio” have a very stylised approach to their stories, using music to punctuate the story and carry the narrative, typically montage style, with just the interviewees voice being heard throughout.


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