Adam’s Take on Christmas

Delivery Date                                                              10th December 2019

Duration                                                                        “12:07”

Presenter                                                                                 Adam Heaton


Adam Heaton

Short Synopsis

An alternative take on the festive period, delving into the overblown world of Christmas in London. Looking at topics such as the John Lewis advert and how it’s become such a staple over the years, Christmas traditions, what actually is mulled wine as well as a journey through time to experience the frost fairs.


A series of podcasts exploring alternative opinions to various holidays, programmes and popular culture. Using interviews with the general public as well as people close to the subject


CUE: A different take on Christmas time, Adam Heaton looks at the festive period from a new angle.

IN: Twas the night before Christmas…

OUT: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

BACK ANNO: If you enjoyed that you can find more episodes by searching for Adam’s take, wherever you get your podcasts.

Tweet: Hey, check out the latest episode of Adam’s Take. This week I’m looking at Christmas.

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