Abbi Griggs

WEEK 1 (2nd Feb)

Today we read through the scripts for the audio drama, chose what role we wanted to do, and then were put into groups.

Whilst reading through the scripts a few stood out to me; however, there was only one that I wasn’t really keen on. From there we decided what our first and second choice of roles would be and I decided that my role of choice would be Script Editor. We were then separated into roles and each person was put into a group. I’m in a group with Mark, Sofia and Eliza and I’m really pleased with the group. We were given the play Oven Cleaners, it was our third choice so we were a little disappointed but I’m sure it’ll turn out fine. As we don’t have a production coordinator we are each going to split the workload to ensure we’re all doing an equal amount of work.

For next week we all have to listen to a BBC Drama called Success Ruined My Life, and I am going to print off the script and begin highlighting and annotating bits that could perhaps be changed or added to to ensure the script is ready for readings.

WEEK 3 (16th March)

This week we got the chance to practice in the studio, and using people from the class, run through our script and see what it will be like on the day of recording. It gave us the opportunity to see where people may have to stand, how they should speak, and also how much time it may take to record each scene.

I think it’s very important to realise how long it will take to record each scene because we don’t want to spend too much time on some, and not enough on others. I reckon we will have around 9-10 minutes to record each scene so it’s vital that we have everything prepared on the day and can get straight into recording.

On the day of recording I believe I will be keeping track of what lines and scenes have been done, and perhaps suggesting some production ideas; however, that is all down to Sofia on the day and I believe she will do a great job as director.

WEEK 5 (2nd March)

This week I reformatted the script and numbered each line for the actors so it’s easy for them to read. I also emailed the script with our proposed additions to the script writer, Graham Russell, to ensure he was included in the process and knew what was going on. Graham emailed back very quickly and also had is own suggestions for what sound effects we can add in alongside our own.

On Friday the rest of my group went to Sofia’s flat to record sound effects for our drama. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to problem in my flat, but the rest of the group did really well I look forward to hearing all the sound effects.

The scripts are all ready for our recording on Friday and all that’s left to do is print them out for the actors and the team.


WEEK 7 (16th March) 

Today was the day of our audio drama recording and I think it went really well. In the morning when we arrived, we made sure to being refreshments for the actors and began setting up and ensuring all the scripts were printed out and ordered correctly. The actors started to arrive at around 9.45am and after they had all arrived and had their scripts ready, we started a run through.

Before we did the run through I was a bit anxious that the actors may not have the correct voices for the characters; however, all the actors were fantastic and sounded exactly like we wanted them too. Matthew, who plays 3 characters in our audio drama, successfully did 3 totally different voices and they sounded brilliant.

During the recording, Sofia did a great job of directing the actors and ensuring we got the perfect recording. The actors totally respected all the directions Sofia gave them, no matter how strange, which was great and meant that we got the best and most realistic sounding acting.

The recording went really well and when we listened back to the raw audio it sounded great, so now it’s down to Mark and Sofia to edit it together whilst myself and Eliza get on with the paperwork.


WEEK 9 – (28th March)

Today we submitted our audio drama and all of the paperwork to go along with it. During the week I have been finalising the music reporting sheet and the SFX credit sheet, and yesterday we all sat down as a group and listened to it to check for anymore changes, and we also went through the paperwork to ensure everything was there.

The audio drama sounded so good and Mark and Sofia did such a great job of editing it together and placing the sound effects just right. I’m really pleased with how it sounds and I’m proud of all the work our group has done in both pre and post production.

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