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Language / Berks Feature


16.12.16  Adam Berks


Last year the University of Westminster was announced the most multicultural university in England. Fifteen years ago, a survey taken by the ‘Independent’ rated London as the multilingual capital of the world. However, since then a lot has changed and although in primary schools teaching French, Spanish or German is a compulsory requirement of key stage learning, at GCSE’s it is not. Many other countries around the world enforce teaching at least one other language to their students until they leave school. So how do young people feel about the subject being taken away as a compulsory requirement from their curriculum? What attitude has this created for young people? What are the benefits of speaking more than one language? Will Brexit effect the teaching of English in other countries? Reporter Adam Berks has more.


(SFX Italian Music)



IN: The importance of…

OUT: …rather than a luxury.

DUR: 6”30


(SFX Chinese Music)


BACK  ANNO: That was Reporter, Adam Berks discussing compulsory modern language study exclusion from our curriculum.


Contextual Information

The pictures of my interviewees have been taken from the individual’s Facebook after asking for their permission and agreeing upon the specific photo together. Every remaining still image has been taken from the websites and These websites provide free photo images for anybody to use, without the need to ask the photographer for their permission or the need to credit them. However with you have to edit your search engine so that it finds only these types of pictures.
I interviewed Felix Lalo, David Morrad and Natalie Harrison in their home. I gave a phone interview to John King on the 06/12/16 via the studios. And I interviewed, Erin Zhang, Asllan Gecaj and Damien Burchardt in a quiet room on campus. I gathered my intro song from free music website and my outro song from free music website My actuality was recorded by myself whilst sat in a chinese restaurant.

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