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Blog Post One :

I’ve made a semi detailed list of what my audio documentary is going to be, questions I will ask, information I want to discuss, people I could interview, companies I could ask for commission.

I’ve met with six potential interviewee’s, making them aware of the project, giving them specific dates as to when I would able to conduct their interviews.

I attended a tutorial with Aasiya, to help me with direction and focus.

I have thought about either using BBC Radio Cornwall,, the or an adoption or fostering agency in Cornwall to commission my story.

The next stage for me is to contact the companies I wish to seek commission from, fine tune and continue to build my story (pitch), narrow down my specific questions to ask to each of my interviewee’s and contact one more potential interviewee.


Blog Post Two :

Commissioned Email

The have welcomed the idea of commissioning my documentary, they asked that I provide a written proposal, which I have drafted and emailed to them. They then gave me specific criteria which I must follow when recording and editing my audio.

I have spoken to the last potential interviewee via email, confirming his interview date and time.

I have started generating specific questions for each of my confirmed interviewees.

I have also started reading some useful theory such as, Reality Radio: Telling True Stories in Sound and Representing Reality: Issues and Concepts in Documentary, which has helped guide me with the creation of my audio documentary.

From here I need to finalise my questions for each of my interviewee’s, attend a tutorial with Aasiya to update and inform her about my project, listen to documentary’s to gain inspiration and begin to draft my links.


Blog Post 3 :

I have listened to an audio documentary called ‘Adoption: Families in Crisis’ presented by Alys Harte, BBC Radio 4, 2017. And I have also listened to ‘The other side of adoption’ presented by Tim Whewell, BBC Radio 4, 2015. And Finally I have started listening to a series called ‘The Adoption’ presented by Jon Manel, BBC Radio 4, 2017.

I have finished writing my questions for each of my interviewees and have emailed those to my interviewees so they can be briefed in what to expect when I interview them.

I attended a tutorial with Aasiya, to update and inform her of my progression.

I have begun to draft my links.

And started to think about what actuality I can gather during my visit to Cornwall, e.g. beach noises, home environment, town environment etc.

The next stage for me is to record my interviews, continue to listen to ‘The Adoption’ series to gain even more inspiration, write my links to the best of my ability until the final tweaks are made during recording.


Blog Post 4 :

I continued to listen to the series ‘The Adoption’ to help me gain more inspiration for my own piece.

I recorded a total of eight interviews and captured some actuality in the process.

I am continuously redrafting my links and now that I have recorded my interviews, I have a better basis for which I can develop my links.

The next stage for me is to continue listening to ‘The Adoption’ series, edit my eight interviews, meet with Aasiya and continue redrafting my links.


Blog Post 5 :

I am constantly listening to at least a couple of ‘The Adoption’ series episodes each week.

I have edited all my interviews and have chosen specific sections from each interview that I wish to include within a rough cut. I am also generating links to fit accordingly.

The next step for me is to start piecing my selected bits of audio together.


Blog Post 6 :

I continue to listen to ‘The Adoption’ series in order to expand my own idea’s for my project.

I have a rough cut of 14 minutes. I continue to adapt my links accordingly. I met with Aasiya so she could give me some much needed direction.

The next stage for me is to finish my project to the 18-20 minute requirement. Re-record my links so they all sound the same. And adjust my levels throughout.


Blog Post 7:

I am still listening to ‘The Adoption’ series to ensure I have a wide perspective of idea’s for my own piece.

I have a rough cut of 18+ minutes. I will now re-record all my links so they sound the same pitch and tone and adjust the levels throughout my project so that everything sounds consistently the same and continue to re-edit the whole documentary.

I have added in a few music beds to enhance the piece.

I will upload my finished audio piece to my blog via Soundcloud URL.



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