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Week 1:

We were put into our teams and into our specific roles, we named our team T-Rex. I chose to be the Production Co-ordinator. I met with Natalie our Producer and Simon our Studio Manager to discuss edits to the script and where we could potentially make some minor improvements and we discussed potential actors for our drama. Ellen became our Script editor and Afia our Director but unfortunately they were absent at our first initial meeting. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “I Used To Work On The Deep Web”. I started to find sources to use within my essay.

Week 2:

My group and Drama Darlings met with Jeremy to decipher our cross cast actors. Myself and Clare compiled an email together and messaged each actor that we had agreed to cross cast, I emailed Ben Ayers personally because only T-Rex were casting him. So far all actors have responded yes apart from Olivia to whom we have not yet heard from. My whole group met up and made some final rectifications to the script. I also started filling out the contacts sheet. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “It Wasn’t An Ordinary Glitch In The Matrix”. I continued to find more sources for my essay.

Week 3:

Eventually each actor responded positively and T-Rex should have each of them attend Friday’s recording. I will call them the night before to finalise any details they may require. I finished filling in the contacts sheet and completed filling in the scheduling sheet. I also printed off multiple scripts for the actors and for ourselves to use as having hard copies is essential. On the day I will provide refreshments and keep track of the time when recording so we don’t run out of time at the end if we need to re-record anything. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “Tunnels”. I began reading certain relevant sections of my sources to gather useful material for my essay.

Week 4 (Recording/First week editing):

All actors and actresses showed up on the day and recording commenced. I provided refreshments for the actors. Simon distributed out the funds for their travel expenses and after the day had finished, I sent them all an email with his address and any other relevant information that was necessary which described exactly what was going to happen next. Now my group has three weeks to edit our final drama. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “On The Russian Ice Road, You Always Help Your Fellow Travelers”. I continued to read relevant information for my essay.

Week 5 (Second week editing):

The receipts have been received from most actors and actresses, we are just waiting on a couple more to send it to Simon, therefore I sent a follow up email to kindly remind them to send it as soon as possible. We received the final two receipts by the end of the week. I will be sure to email the actors our final audio piece as soon as we have finished editing. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “I Regret Ever Working In The South Pole”. I continued to read my sources to gather the most appropriate data and started planning my essay.

Week 6 (Third and final week editing):

This week T-Rex submitted our final edited audio drama and after we have been given the green light, I will send each actor a copy for them to listen to it. Jeremy gave us the OK and I sent over a copy of our audio drama to each actor and Ben Ayers replied that he liked it, which was good to hear. I listened to a YouTube horror drama called “Whatever Happened to AdventureLand”. I finished reading my sources and refined my essay plan and eventually made a start to my essay.


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