CUE: Camden has changed a lot over the years. This digital story sets out to find what those changes are, how they affect the people there and who is the reason behind them.

IN:(The Clash: London Calling) Camden, it’s changed a lot…

OUT: …take that away from a place like Camden. (The Clash: London Calling FADE)

DUR: 9:00

This Digital Story explores the gentrification of Camden and the changes that have taken place in the area over the past few years. The story includes interviews with people who live and work in the area and how the regeneration of Camden has affected them and what they think about it.

One of the interviews featured in the story was with a man who had been forced to close down his stall selling records because in his words “they don’t want us here” and that it was to make way for stalls that could make more money rather than ones that promote originality.

Whilst recording material for this digital story I tried to contact the Camden Market Association and the MPs who represent the Camden and Primrose hill ward. Neither responded to me when I asked if they would like to contribute their side of the story.

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