Cue: When the story broke about the possibility of a European Super League coming to Football I thought “Fantastic! A European Competition we deserve”. With the amount of English, German and Italian sides involved, all 3 of which have a rising right wing movement, I started to think about how sport has always seemed to break political trends across the world.

IN: In 2018, we saw…

OUT: …across the globe.

DUR: 9’49’11

I found it quite difficult to title this one, as the digital story mixes two stories together. It takes a couple of stories and mixes them together, these being the story which broke in October of the possibility of a European Super League featuring the best football clubs from every country and our situation in regards to our position with the European Union (I know it’s called Brexit but I’m so fed up with that word now). This idea was originally a back up idea, as the previous idea failed to gather interest from contributors and I would have quite liked a lot of voices on that one.

The interviews for this story are from Tom Rennie, who is a broadcaster and the Editor for TalkSport International, which provides Premier League coverage for radio station’s across the world. I also interviewed Steve Pound, who is the Labour MP for Ealing North. Admitting I both have static “scratches” on the audio which were impossible to completely get rid of, but are only audible for short bursts.

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