This past two weeks I got in contact with one of the managers at Topshop to ask for a contact who could commission my mini series. In addition, a couple nof days later I decided to speak with one of the sales advisor as he, as well as working on the floor, makes videos for the company.  I spent a few days chasing these two people and I got no response. Subsequently I decided to speak to one of the fashion buyers in the hopes that she would help me but when I finally manage to ask her she indicated me to two other people, one of which would be able to help but seem too busy.
As I spent two weeks chasing a  Topshop contact for a commission, I decided to develop my back up plan and forget my original idea.
I knew I would be contacting Camilla Byk from so I developed a new draft for my second production and did some research to find out what my focus would be and who I could interview. I ended up founding two peolpe.
Following my research I contacted Camilla and quickly secured a commission.

In order to be on schedule,  in two weeks I should be in the process of interviewing my last contributors, selecting clips from the interviews I already would have done and preparing the script.

The plan for next week is to secure, at least 3 interviews and record at least 2 of them. In addition the full production proposal must be ready to be submitted, I need to figured out what rhe best sound for the production is and all my the questions for the majority of the interviews must be written down.


This production will still be fashion related however it is substantially different.

I’ll be producing a two part documentary showing a parallel between young designers’ take on fashion sustainability and their collections as well as exploring the Fast Fashion Industry and its impact on the world. I’m planning on speaking to three young designers, a fast fashion expert and at least two activists.

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