This week, I’m not quite where I would have liked to be on my production. Nevertheless, I’ve made a lot of progress considering where I was two weeks ago or even a week ago.

I finally have a clear vision on what I’m doing, or should I say, I have a clearer vision on my project. I’ve completed the production proposal for my back up idea and have a loose running order with every element I need.

My new project is called Let’s Talk Fashion and it’s divided into two parts.

Part 1 – The Fast Future of Fashion – will approach the subject of Fast Fashion in a relatable way. The listener will be exposed to a shopping trip in a big and beloved fashion retail store and have the opportunity of listening to one of the store’s manager speaking about the company, its aims and its customers. This will slowly transition, with the help of vox pops, to a more educational piece of audio that will smoothly depict the not so great reality of the fast fashion industry.

Part 2 – Making Big Brother Watch Me – will focus on the future generation of Fashion and what these new designers have to say about fashion sustainability. I’m looking to showcase the work of a young up and coming designer from London Fashion Week. The listener will essentially hear a fashion show where this designer will be presenting her work. She will be interviewed whilst the music plays and the design will be vividly described.

The Fast Future of Fashion is more developed than Making Big Brother Watch Me. I’ve got an interview recoded already and the majority of the actuality I’ll need for Part 1. I will be recording vox pops with the general public outside retail stores and I have an interview confirmation that I’m pushing to get done by the end of this week. Once these two pieces of audio are recorded half of my work for the first half of my documentary will be done.

Regarding the second half of the documentary, I’ve contacted Sadie Williams who declined to be recorded but was happy to send written answers to my interview questions so that will be something I will get to play with. I’ve contacted other up and coming designers and now I’m just waiting on the replies.

Finally, I still don’t have a fast fashion expert as I’ve been leaving that aspect behind. I’ve found a couple of people that promote fashion sustainability but they are Youtubers, therefore I’m not sure I’ll hear anything back from them. I will start looking into organisations and subsequently get a statement as not much more will be needed.

Plan for November 21st is to have all my interviews done and start perfecting my script. I will also have started recording my links a running everything by Aasiya and Camilla Byk from .

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