Mid way thought the deadline for this blog and I’m pretty much feeling hopeless regarding this production. I feel like my problem solving skills are being put through the test.

I’ve already recorded an interview with Josie from AMMA Sri Lanka, an organisation that focuses on giving mothers a job with proper working conditions as well as creating natural dies for clothes. I’m not too happy about the quality of the recording so I’ve asked Josie for a second interview.

I’ve also manage to get a few vox pops about Topshop and an interview with the store manager for the Oxford Circus Flagship Store, Sarah Harper, however no date has been agreed yet and I have a feeling that I will not be able to interview her in time for the deadline so I’m trying a different approach.

As I’ve got a written interview with Sadie Williams, an up and coming designer, I’ve decided to go down the same route with Sarah Harper. This way I’ll have two written interviews and will be able to incorporate them into the documentary with the voices of people under 25 years-old which is the requirement for any podcast produced for I hadn’t paid much attention to this as Camilla Byk suggested me to gather the opinions of both a younger and older generation of shoppers.

Overall I’m actually happy with this outcome, not that I enjoyed being refused interviews or made wait for a ridiculous amount of time, but this made me think outside of the box and come up with a solution that not only works perfectly with the age requirement for but makes me more happy and confident about this production.

The new plan will involve recruiting young experts in the different fields of the fashion industry to explain fast fashion and fashion sustainability and spend some time in a young designers studio capturing the environment this person surrounds herself when being creative.

By next week I should have all my little bits of audio recorded including the new interview with Josie, voxes, actuality and all the bits of archives I’ll need.

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