This is the time where I start to seriously make changes to my project. It started a four-episode fashion show and behind the scenes of Topshop, moved on to becoming a two-part documentary on fashion sustainability as I didn’t get the commission from the Topshop Blog. Following that, as I secured a commission with, I had to rethink my contributors as over 25’s aren’t allowed. At the same time I decided to find a solution to incorporate an expert opinion as I had already contacted a few potential contributors. The changes that followed were in regards to the presenter. As it was advised I decided to present the documentary myself rather than having someone in.

I’m now at the final stages of my production and I don’t think I can call it a documentary as it resembles a mini-series, which was my initial idea. Nevertheless, it only has two parts rather than four. Following many contributor’s declines and unavailability or shyness, I believe I’ve finally have all the interviews and vox pops I need. This was, no doubt, the most exhausting and emotionally draining experience in producing a piece of audio (bearing in mind that my second year audio project regarded warzone and children). One important lesson I learned was to not rely on Topshop.

Nevertheless, I’m at the stage where I can solely focus on editing. I’ve insisted on a two-part audio production because I needed a challenge, something that I thought I could do but didn’t necessarily believe it would happen.

All of my contributors are friendly and I’m happy with the content they have provided me. I’ve worked and reworked my script in hopes it makes sense and will not come across as aggressive or condescending or judgmental (well, maybe only when speaking about Topshop). I feel like this subject can be very sensitive and has made me reflect on my own personal choices, so I hope to translate that into audio so it has a similar effect on my listener.

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