12/11/18 Andrea Janeiro 

More than two thousands three hundred families attend Harrow Council. This council helps you find housing for those who are single, young or as families who need it, so that they can have a place to take refuge and even help you find some benefit so you can pay for your house at the end of the month.  This council is one of the municipals councils of London and one of the 32 in the capital of United Kingdom. In this council is where Paul Nally works as a manager and officer at the Housing Options.


IN: ‘So as a local authority we have…’ 

OUT: ‘…positive effect on what we do’ 

DUR: 3’01” 

Back anno: Paul Nally speaking to Andrea Janeiro. 



12/11/18 Andrea Janeiro 

Starting a life in a country, language and culture absolutely different from what you are surrounded dailyis difficultSometimes you feel sad,   because you would like to spend more time with your family, friends or simply because you feel alone. Carlawho is from Spain and Victoria from Venezuela are studying economy and marketing in London. Listen Carla and Victoria chat about their experience living away from their home and what they feel it:



In words: ‘I feel since that I got here…’ 

Out words: ‘…back home for christmas, it’s going to be great’ 

Duration: 2’09” 

Back anno: This was a conversation between Carla and Victoria, two foreigners that they talk about their feelings living abroad.



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