Andrea Ribeiro

My project idea consists in creating a mini series of podcasts that will both display an audio version of a fashion show and a ‘behind the scenes’ on the production of a Topshop seasonal campaign.

Upon doing research, I found that Topshop has a blog in which, among other articles, there is a section dedicate to audio books. I noticed, however that there is no original audio clips directly related to the fashion aspect of the company. Here is where I think my idea works.

With this in mind, I’ll be pitching these mini podcasts to Topshop Head Office.

The series will be devided into three 3-minute podcasts, in a presenter lead style with short interviews ranging from the foundation of a fashion campaign to the person responsable for its success. In addition, and because the digital side to radio and fashion have become prevelante, I would like to be add ‘extras’ on Topshop blog. These include: images, video and short clips of the interviews.

As a back up, I’ve decided to keep the same foundation to my production. I would like to produce a piece of audio on fashion sustainability. This will be a single clip in a documentary style with a narrator. I’d like to tailor this project to and its audience: under 25’s.

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