The Syrian war has made millions of victims since 2011. Children are the most affected however, the Asian country isn’t an exception. Around the world children are suffering, having to survive in  war zones. Andrea Ribeiro speaks with people who have lived and fled a conflict in their country, when they were children.

In: There’s one story…

Out: … to evolve as a society.

Duration: 9’59”


The consequences of growing up in a war zone can be devastating.

If the child isn’t protected by either living in an area where the conflict isn’t as eminent or successfully fleeing the country with his parents or guardians, chances are he will grow up with trauma or become a violent person, mimicking what he saw growing up.

Andrea Ribeiro spoke with a Red Cross doctor who has been in several unstable countries with ongoing conflicts about how to tackle this issue. This piece also featured two victims of war from different decades that although not servery scared by their experiences, were able to give their testimony, highlighting the fact that every child has the chance to succeed and live a happy life, when people intervene positively to save them.


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