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“The Story of Angle Comedy”

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Barry Ferns – Director of Angel Comedy

Lucila – Social Media Manager Angel Comedy

Francis Foster – Comedian/Host of Comedy Courses at Angel Comedy

Neil O’Rourke – Comedian

Broadcast Text:

“Would you go see Comedy if it free? Well a comedy club in Islington called ‘Angel Comedy’ have got you covered. It’s a seven night a week comedy clubs with two venues and over fourteen shows a week that promises that you can walk in without paying a penny. Our reporter Matthew Sanders went along to find out what it was all about”

                 Angel Comedy Documentary Audio: 14’ 11’’

“To find out more about Angel Comedy you can head over to their website at which lists all of the upcoming shows for the next month, or follow them Twitter and Instagram by searching @AngelComedy”

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Name of Track: London Calling

Composer: The Clash

Publishing Company: CBS/Epic

Year of Publication/Release: 1979


Written Pitch:

‘The Story of Angel Comedy”

Delivery Date: 11th of December 2018     Duration:  ~ 12’’ 00 to 15’’ 00’’

Presenter(s): Matthew Sanders                  Producer: Matthew Sanders

Short Synopsis:

This audio documentary will be a presenter lead, focusing on the story of Angel Comedy, a “Free” Comedy club in Islington, London. The documentary will focus on the story of how Angel Comedy started and how it has expanded within the last two years. It will also focus on other areas of Angel Comedy such as Comedy Courses that are hosted at the venue and the community aspect of the club.


My audio project will documentary/feature style piece with multiple interviews throughout the programme. I am planning on using some informal language throughout the piece as I believe treating a comedy feature seriously would send the wrong tone. I will also use any jokes or funny sections from interviews to keep the overall piece light-hearted. In terms of audio, I plan on interviewing multiple people from Angel Comedy, primarily Barry Ferns as he is the director of the club and is one of the original co-owners. I also plan on speaking to some comedians that perform on any given night but will do this on location on an evening. I am planning on opening the documentary by cutting together clips from a live show at Angel to give a sense of what audience members might expect from a night at Angel. After that I am going to source audio clips from some of the bigger names in comedy that have performed at the club (Russell Howard, John Bishop, Eddie Izzard, etc) and montage these clips together. This will be used to give the listener refence points of more well-known comedians, keeping the listener engaged with the piece. After this I will go into the interviews with members of Angel focusing on the story of the club and then moving onto areas of the club that are more relevant today.

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